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Northern California musician, writer and teacher, Michael Stadler, gives a glimpse of his personal and musical roots on the great central seas of North America in his Little Dead / Fiddling Cricket release North Country.

The liner notes sum it up nicely: "Michael Stadler was raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, A sparsely populated, starkly beautiful place, the U.P. is bordered by Lake Superior, empty sand beaches, and nearly unbroken expanses of forest. Life there requires perseverance and luck, since, as in many rural areas, underemployment is a given. That's why one of the area's chief exports is people. Whether vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin or bass, Michael's passion for his music is immediately obvious."Michael is available for performances - solo and group - and teaching - individual and classes/workshops. Connect with Michael using his contact form.

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Music Samples

Solo guitar from Clawhammer Guitar: The Collection on Solid Air Records

Traditional Finnish medley - Renki Jussi and Raatikkoon

Original tune medley - Dogs in the Creek Bed / Gator in the Lap Lane

With the Stadler Gibbons Band

The Flame in My Heart (George Jones-Bernard Spurlock)

I Won't Be Home (Hank Williams)

Tell Me True (Mary Gibbons)

More Samples

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